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The Portable Rehabilitation Device


The Portable Rehabilitation Device is the most multifunctional rehabilitation tool available today. Using PRD therapists are able to provide high quality in home or hospital bedside care while offering their patients safer and more effective treatment. This unique product is perfect for treatment of those patients who need intensive bedside rehabilitation programs. It is also recommended for patients who have multiple medical conditions with mobility restrictions and very low transfer tolerance.

Easy application is what makes this device so effective and helpful in achieving functional treatment goals with the most challenging patients. The PRD is very helpful in treating a variety of mobility dysfunctions such as orthopedic, neurological, burns, geriatrics, rheumatoid, TBI and many other chronic conditions. The design of the PRD allows the therapist to provide bedside tractions such as cervical traction using Glisson`s harness or traction for fractured lower and upper extremities. Treatment focused can be on one isolated joint or multiple joints. The suspension system enables the therapist and patient to carry out active-assistive, self-assistive and passive exercises. It is possible to quickly create programs of active and active off-load exercises with adjusted resistance applied for patient's individual need




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