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Examples Of Exercises:

Click on an image to see a larger version of it.

fullsus.jpg (89452 bytes)

Full Suspension

basic.jpg (86067 bytes)

Abduction of the lower extremities

hbal.jpg (78879 bytes)

High Level Balance Activities

self.jpg (90279 bytes)

Self-assisted Exercises

quad.jpg (89417 bytes)

Quadriceps exercises with applied resistance

hip.jpg (90433 bytes)

Hip flexion and extension with applied resistance

bilat.jpg (99817 bytes)

Bilateral lower extremity exercises with applied resistance

resis.jpg (89193 bytes)

Upper extremity exercises with applied resistance


Upper Extremity Rotor

bike2.jpg (71525 bytes)

Lower Extremity Rotor

lumtrac.jpg (80345 bytes)

Lumbar Traction

cerv.jpg (83924 bytes)

Cervical Traction




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